Monday, November 18, 2013

I will not forget who I am!

To the people I love:
Recently this topic has been very close to my heart! I've felt inspired to share this with you, and I have no idea why but when I feel prompted to do something I do it. SO my message to you all is very short and simple WE CAN NOT FORGET WHO WE ARE! The only thing Satan can do to us is blind our eyes and try to make us forget our divine nature and potential.
My biggest fear in life is loosing sight of the things I cherish so much like the gospel of Jesus Christ and eternal families.
 I desire to be so fully converted and in love with my father's plan for me that I would be like Job!
Job 2
God lets Satan do all these horrible and tragic things to Job. Why?
Job 2:3
The lord knew Job, he knew Job more than Job knew himself!
Job 13:15-16
Job was a perfect example of faith in the lord! He showed Satan that nothing he could do to him would turn him away from God!
I desire to be like Job and never let anything that Satan does to me stop me from trusting the lord or ever make me forget my divine potential and testimony.
I love my father in heaven SO much!
I know the church is HIS church!
I desire to be more Christ like!
I LOVE the scriptures!
I believe in eternal families!
I hold the covenants I've made in the temple close to my heart!
I LOVE the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
I have a lot of faith.
I love you all!
k bye.