Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mission Call :)

Hello everyone! :D
It's been so long sence my last post, I'm sorry. Well I did finally have my stake president interview, it was so amazing. Two things I wanted to share about that experience. First, The first thing president Silva said to me was "Sister Juarez are you prepared to be called to Russia in the middle of winter?" I was caught a little off gaurd, but after pondering this for a second I looked at him and said YES! I knew that Russia was extreme but I also knew that my desire to serve a mission was so strong, and my love for my savior was so strong that even if I was called to Russia I'd still be extremely excited and ready to serve. Second, we were talking and president Silva asked me of I had a boyfriend who could be a distraction, I was so happy to be able to tell him no I did not. I felt so much peace and I knew my father in heaven was proud of me. I knew I was really doing the right thing.
Anyways, a week later I was at yougert land with the sister Missionaries and they kept telling me I was going to get my call in a few days and I was like no it hasn't even been sentyet. Then I text my bishop to ask when he thought it would be sent to Salt Lake. He reaponds and tells me that my missin call had been assigned earlier in the day. I was so shocked. I ran around my house screaming "I have a mission!!" "I HAVE A MISSION PRESIDENT! !"
One week later I got my mission call in the mail.
I opened it the next day at my mission prep teachers home. I was surrounded by some family, a few friends, and a tun of Missionaries. The elders who taught me were there and my best friend was on the phone. Of course it was hard to go through this time of my life without a few of my bestfriends, them being on missions, but I felt their love and support.
I was called to serve in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission. I report on my avalibility date. January 1st 2014. Provo MTC. English speaking.
I can not be more thrilled. :)
Love you all,
Future sister Juarez

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