Friday, September 6, 2013

Update time!!!

Finally after almost two months of waiting I have an appointment to meet with my stake president, it's next Tuesday at 8pm. When I called Brother Dixon to confirm it all kind of hit me like wow I'm going to have my call in like three weeks and be through the temple in a few months. Wow. I'm excited and nervous I just can hardly believe it's actually happening. A little while before this I found out I need the hepatitis A shot, so I'll be getting that this up coming week. Also, I met this awesome guy at the beach who's a dental student and he told me if I get my teeth out at his school I can save a lot of money! What a blessing, I'd been panicking about the cost, I'm paying for them myself.
ANYWAYS, I love this work it's all worth it and I know when we're faithful the lord will provide the means to fulfill his work.
-Future Sister Juarez :)

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