Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tender Mercies of the lord: Hit you like a rock.

My life feels like a huge pile of blessings!
Now I will share a few big ones here.
May seem small to you but they mean the world to me.
  • I got a new job! After looking for months and applying for over 30 nanny jobs I found one! Heavenly father blessed me with the perfect job watching two boys after school almost everyday of the school week.
  • I have the worlds best home teachers right at the time I truly needed them.
  • My home teacher Brian, went out of his way to buy me a sweet root beer float bottle for my bottle collection. It made me so happy, I realized how much he cares about me. I know I can trust him.
  • I got to spend a ton of time with one of the missionaries who helped me join the church, he was in town this week. His name is Elder Snyder.
  • I was able to watch the Testaments. I am so grateful for the savior, I know when he returns at the second coming I will recognize his voice. Even if I couldn't see him I would know without a doubt, just like the blind man in the movie.
  • I'm grateful for the hour I get to email my best friend who is currently serving a mission in Peru. 
  • Every Monday I get an email from my favorite missionary in the world, and good friend Elder Morgan.
  • On Tuesday I noticed I had missed two emails from Elder Okerlund, they made me smile.
  • I went to my first ward missionary meeting, I was set apart in my blessing there were things said that I needed to hear. (Like about missionary work in the ward and about my own personal time management)
  • I went to institute. For the first time in months, I was personally asked to some by my teacher. That invitation was a blessing. I realized I need to be there more, it's not only for me.
  • I was able to concur the seemingly impossible on Wednesday at the park. I felt liberated.
  • I had my first home teaching visit last night. I realized they will be very important to me all I need to do is let them in. Just visiting them and the joy they gave me was a blessing.
  • I was able to attend an amazing lesson with the sister missionaries today, we have a new baptism date for an awesome guy. Speaking to him made me remember the feelings I had as an investigator and I am grateful for my baptism.
  • I got an email today from my really good friend who actually baptized me he's in the Mexico mtc.
  • Elder Szabo (a missionary who taught me) texted me today, I haven't known his number since he was transferred so it made my whole day to hear from him!
  • And I'm finally healthy enough to do yoga again!
Just needed to tell the world how blessed I am! I challenge you to write down everything you're grateful for!

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