Saturday, July 27, 2013

May the sun shine on your conquest today

Dear bloggers,

I am on my way, moving up in this world. My mission papers are almost complete. I spent an hour and a half with my bishop this morning, fine tuning my missionary recommendation form. I am so pleased to tell you that they are done! Tomorrow I will be meeting with him one last time to submit them to my stake president. I was a little afraid that since my availability date is not until January 2014 they would make me wait, but my bishop gave me the green light! I am good to go! I am so excited to serve the lord, I do not care where I go. I have tons of places I would love to go, ranging from Korea to Virginia. However, like I told my friend I am so grateful I don't get to pick because I know I would pick the wrong place and not be able to exercise my faith and touch the lives of people who really need me. I hope you all are having a weekend as fabulous as mine. Stay true to the faith.

Power to the people,
Marisa Juarez

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