Monday, November 18, 2013

I will not forget who I am!

To the people I love:
Recently this topic has been very close to my heart! I've felt inspired to share this with you, and I have no idea why but when I feel prompted to do something I do it. SO my message to you all is very short and simple WE CAN NOT FORGET WHO WE ARE! The only thing Satan can do to us is blind our eyes and try to make us forget our divine nature and potential.
My biggest fear in life is loosing sight of the things I cherish so much like the gospel of Jesus Christ and eternal families.
 I desire to be so fully converted and in love with my father's plan for me that I would be like Job!
Job 2
God lets Satan do all these horrible and tragic things to Job. Why?
Job 2:3
The lord knew Job, he knew Job more than Job knew himself!
Job 13:15-16
Job was a perfect example of faith in the lord! He showed Satan that nothing he could do to him would turn him away from God!
I desire to be like Job and never let anything that Satan does to me stop me from trusting the lord or ever make me forget my divine potential and testimony.
I love my father in heaven SO much!
I know the church is HIS church!
I desire to be more Christ like!
I LOVE the scriptures!
I believe in eternal families!
I hold the covenants I've made in the temple close to my heart!
I LOVE the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
I have a lot of faith.
I love you all!
k bye.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I love to see the Temple: I went there today

Dear Future Missionaries,
On October 11th 2013 I had the honor of going into the Lord's house for the very first time to receive my endowments.
Do not be scared!
The temple is not a scary place but it is beautiful and I can honestly say there is no where else in the world where I feel my Heavenly Father's love for me more than I do in the Temple.
I received my endowments at the Newport Beach Temple, my family are not members so they were not there. My escort was my Bishop from my singles ward's wife: Sister Anderson. I can not explain to you how much peace it gave me to have here there, she helped me feel comfortable and special. I would also like to claim Sister Lockhart to be my escort as well, she helped me so much while I was preparing to enter the Temple and I am so grateful for her. Along with those beautiful women, their husbands were there, Sister Lockhart's sister Allison (Who took me to church the first time), and one of my Missionaries who taught me (Elder Szabo) were there.
It was such an unbelievable happiness I felt when I saw them all waiting for me in the celestial room.
Don't be scared, be excited!
That is my word's of advice.
Also, via my friend Kenneth don't try to take everything in the first time just breath and feel the spirit. That helped me so much my first time.
Sense then I have started working in the temple and I feel so blessed for this opportunity I have. First, only at a few temples can you be an ordinance worker so young. 2nd, not everyone is as fortunate to live twenty minutes from the temple. 3rd, some people only get to go once or twice before they leave, and some will not even have a temple in their missions. TAKE ADVANTAGE BROTHERS AND SISTERS! If you have a temple and can work in it.. do it. The things I have learned in the short few weeks will carry with me on my mission and throughout my entire life and for that I feel so grateful and extremely blessed.
One thing I have learned is you are nothing I mean NOTHING without the spirit.
I love you all and wish you the best!
Future Sister Juarez

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mission Call :)

Hello everyone! :D
It's been so long sence my last post, I'm sorry. Well I did finally have my stake president interview, it was so amazing. Two things I wanted to share about that experience. First, The first thing president Silva said to me was "Sister Juarez are you prepared to be called to Russia in the middle of winter?" I was caught a little off gaurd, but after pondering this for a second I looked at him and said YES! I knew that Russia was extreme but I also knew that my desire to serve a mission was so strong, and my love for my savior was so strong that even if I was called to Russia I'd still be extremely excited and ready to serve. Second, we were talking and president Silva asked me of I had a boyfriend who could be a distraction, I was so happy to be able to tell him no I did not. I felt so much peace and I knew my father in heaven was proud of me. I knew I was really doing the right thing.
Anyways, a week later I was at yougert land with the sister Missionaries and they kept telling me I was going to get my call in a few days and I was like no it hasn't even been sentyet. Then I text my bishop to ask when he thought it would be sent to Salt Lake. He reaponds and tells me that my missin call had been assigned earlier in the day. I was so shocked. I ran around my house screaming "I have a mission!!" "I HAVE A MISSION PRESIDENT! !"
One week later I got my mission call in the mail.
I opened it the next day at my mission prep teachers home. I was surrounded by some family, a few friends, and a tun of Missionaries. The elders who taught me were there and my best friend was on the phone. Of course it was hard to go through this time of my life without a few of my bestfriends, them being on missions, but I felt their love and support.
I was called to serve in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission. I report on my avalibility date. January 1st 2014. Provo MTC. English speaking.
I can not be more thrilled. :)
Love you all,
Future sister Juarez

Friday, September 6, 2013

Update time!!!

Finally after almost two months of waiting I have an appointment to meet with my stake president, it's next Tuesday at 8pm. When I called Brother Dixon to confirm it all kind of hit me like wow I'm going to have my call in like three weeks and be through the temple in a few months. Wow. I'm excited and nervous I just can hardly believe it's actually happening. A little while before this I found out I need the hepatitis A shot, so I'll be getting that this up coming week. Also, I met this awesome guy at the beach who's a dental student and he told me if I get my teeth out at his school I can save a lot of money! What a blessing, I'd been panicking about the cost, I'm paying for them myself.
ANYWAYS, I love this work it's all worth it and I know when we're faithful the lord will provide the means to fulfill his work.
-Future Sister Juarez :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tender Mercies of the lord: Hit you like a rock.

My life feels like a huge pile of blessings!
Now I will share a few big ones here.
May seem small to you but they mean the world to me.
  • I got a new job! After looking for months and applying for over 30 nanny jobs I found one! Heavenly father blessed me with the perfect job watching two boys after school almost everyday of the school week.
  • I have the worlds best home teachers right at the time I truly needed them.
  • My home teacher Brian, went out of his way to buy me a sweet root beer float bottle for my bottle collection. It made me so happy, I realized how much he cares about me. I know I can trust him.
  • I got to spend a ton of time with one of the missionaries who helped me join the church, he was in town this week. His name is Elder Snyder.
  • I was able to watch the Testaments. I am so grateful for the savior, I know when he returns at the second coming I will recognize his voice. Even if I couldn't see him I would know without a doubt, just like the blind man in the movie.
  • I'm grateful for the hour I get to email my best friend who is currently serving a mission in Peru. 
  • Every Monday I get an email from my favorite missionary in the world, and good friend Elder Morgan.
  • On Tuesday I noticed I had missed two emails from Elder Okerlund, they made me smile.
  • I went to my first ward missionary meeting, I was set apart in my blessing there were things said that I needed to hear. (Like about missionary work in the ward and about my own personal time management)
  • I went to institute. For the first time in months, I was personally asked to some by my teacher. That invitation was a blessing. I realized I need to be there more, it's not only for me.
  • I was able to concur the seemingly impossible on Wednesday at the park. I felt liberated.
  • I had my first home teaching visit last night. I realized they will be very important to me all I need to do is let them in. Just visiting them and the joy they gave me was a blessing.
  • I was able to attend an amazing lesson with the sister missionaries today, we have a new baptism date for an awesome guy. Speaking to him made me remember the feelings I had as an investigator and I am grateful for my baptism.
  • I got an email today from my really good friend who actually baptized me he's in the Mexico mtc.
  • Elder Szabo (a missionary who taught me) texted me today, I haven't known his number since he was transferred so it made my whole day to hear from him!
  • And I'm finally healthy enough to do yoga again!
Just needed to tell the world how blessed I am! I challenge you to write down everything you're grateful for!

Patience Patience my loves...

Hi ya'll!
I finished my mission papers!
Three weeks ago my bishop sent my paper work to the stake president, all I needed was my stake president interview then a few weeks later I would have my mission call! I was expecting to have the location of the place I would spend the next year and a half of my life, I was so excited. It has since been three weeks, and still no stake president interview.
After a week and a half I was getting impatient, everyone was telling me to call and bug my stake president but I decided to ask my bishop first if it was normal. My bishop said "When I delivered the papers to Brother G, he said that it would probably be a couple weeks. Be patient, it will come quickly". Two weeks after that I asked my Bishop again, he told me he would go ask Brother G but he was sure it would be any day now.
(Seriously my face when I spoke to my Bishop)

Let me tell you girls it has been really hard to wait, but I took it as an opportunity to develop the Christ like attribute of patience. I'm still waiting but it isn't hard anymore, I know my call will come at the perfect time and this wait is just necessary. Rather than being upset I decided to be happy and excited and it has made all the difference.
However ever since I spoke with my bishop I have had the word Patience on my mind. What is patience and how do I cultivate that patience?
Patience is knowing all things happen in god's perfect time.
"Patience is the capacity to endure delay, trouble, opposition, or suffering without becoming angry, frustrated, or anxious" -Preach my Gospel page 120.
Patience is the ability to accept God's timing.
Patience is facing adversity calmly and hopefully.
Patience will make you into a good example for others. Alma 17:10-11
Patience will make you into a success. Alma 26:27
Patience develops faith.

I heard once when you're tempted to loose patience remember how patient god has been with you. I know that through developing patience my faith has been strengthened. It is still hard to be patient sometimes I just want to scream WHEN WILL I GET MY INTERVIEW. However since I have been studying patience it has been on my mind all the time! In those moments the things I study come into my mind and I am able to deal with it in a way I know my father in heaven would be pleased with.

Sometimes I feel like my call will never come. If that is the case so be it, because I know it's god's will and that get's me through those long days.
Develop patience in your life! Pray often, read your scriptures, and just remember heavenly father wants us to succeed and we will if we are continually trying to be righteous and please him. I've been blessed in so many ways these past three weeks for bring positive and patient, in small ways and big ways.
Send me when you want lord!
I'll be ready!
-Marisa Juarez


Saturday, July 27, 2013

May the sun shine on your conquest today

Dear bloggers,

I am on my way, moving up in this world. My mission papers are almost complete. I spent an hour and a half with my bishop this morning, fine tuning my missionary recommendation form. I am so pleased to tell you that they are done! Tomorrow I will be meeting with him one last time to submit them to my stake president. I was a little afraid that since my availability date is not until January 2014 they would make me wait, but my bishop gave me the green light! I am good to go! I am so excited to serve the lord, I do not care where I go. I have tons of places I would love to go, ranging from Korea to Virginia. However, like I told my friend I am so grateful I don't get to pick because I know I would pick the wrong place and not be able to exercise my faith and touch the lives of people who really need me. I hope you all are having a weekend as fabulous as mine. Stay true to the faith.

Power to the people,
Marisa Juarez